Pete Astor

Hier kommt die neue Single von Pete Astor „Fine & Dandy“. Es ist ein Lied, das Pete über den verstorbenen Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher) geschrieben hat. Auch diese Nummer ist eine Auskopplung aus seinem neuem Album „Time on earth“ (VÖ: 07.10.22/ tapete records).
Pete Astor über den Song:
It’s always difficult to hear about an old companions passing; we shared a history together, sometimes close, many times not. But the loss ended up bigger than I’d imagined. There was a tribute show and without consciously intending to, a song came, as is often the way, stuff coming up from inside.
I thought of him looking down on us from his version of heaven, and typically, telling us that all was well. Go well on the endless sea, my friend.
Pete Astor Live:
26.11.22 BlueBird Festival / Wien – Festival (24.11.-26.11.22)

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Fine and Dandy

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