Waxahatchee – neues Album „Saint Cloud“ erscheint am 27.03.20 auf Merge

Over the course of Saint Cloud, which was recorded the summer of 2019 and produced by Brad Cook (BON IVER), Crutchfield peels back the distortion of electric guitars to create a wider sonic palette than on any previous WAXAHATCHEE album. It is a record filled with nods to classic country, folk-inspired tones, and distinctly modern touches. To bolster her vision, Crutchfield enlisted Bobby Colombo and Bill Lennox, both of the Detroit band BONNY DOON, to serve as backing band on the record, along with Josh Kaufman (HISS GOLDEN MESSENGER, BON IVER) on guitar and keyboards and Nick Kinsey (KEVIN MORBY) on drums and percussion.

Saint Cloud marks the beginning of a journey for Crutchfield, one that sees her leaving behind past vices and the comfortable environs of her Philadelphia scene to head south in search of something new. If on her previous work Crutchfield was out in the storm, she’s now firmly in the eye of it, taking stock of her past with a clear perspective and gathering the strength to carry onward.

Video: Fire

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